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2024 Show Schedule

Saturday, January 6 -- Columbus, OH [Eldorado's]

Special Guests: Brian Clash Band, Atomic Zombies [Acoustic]

Friday, February 23 -- Akron, OH [The Matinee]

Also Appearing: Nameless Faces, Jozey & The Corruption

Saturday, March 9 -- Youngstown, OH [West Side Bowl]

Also Appearing: Nameless Faces, Bessemer Saints

Saturday, March 23 -- Columbus, OH [Eldorado's]

Special Guests: TBA

Saturday, May 11 -- Youngstown, OH [West Side Bowl]

Full Lineup: TBA

Friday, August 16 -- Columbus, OH [Eldorado's]

Special Guests: TBA

Friday, October  8-- Columbus, OH [Eldorado's]

Special Guests: TBA

2023 Show Schedule

Saturday, February 4 -- Columbus, OH [Eldorado's]*

*tOd's Birthday Show! +++ Special Guests: Nameless Faces, from Canton!

Tuesday, March 7 -- Columbus, OH [Eldorado's]*

*New Music Showcase - Debuting New, Unreleased Tracks

Saturday, March 11 -- Lancaster, OH [Old Bill Bailey's]*

*Appearing with Rat Bastard Syndicate

Friday, April 14 -- Columbus, OH [Turtle Creek Tavern]

Also Appearing: Nameless Faces [Canton], Rat Bastard Syndicate [Columbus]

Friday, May 5 -- Columbus, OH [Eldorado's]

Saturday, May 27 -- Columbus, OH [India Oak]*

*Appearing with the Brian Clash Band

Friday, June 9 -- Columbus, OH [Eldorado's]

Saturday, June 24 -- Youngstown, OH [Westside Bowl]

Also Appearing: Nameless Faces [Canton], Southside Fiasco [Warren]

Saturday, July 8 -- Columbus, OH [Spacebar]

*Appearing with Motel Faces

Friday, July 21 -- Columbus, OH [Eldorado's]

Friday, August 11 -- Columbus, OH [Turtle Creek Tavern]

Appearing with AMP, Midwest Moonbase

Friday, October 13 -- Akron, OH [Buzzbin]

Also Appearing: Nameless Faces [Canton], Southside Fiasco [Warren]

Friday, November 3 -- Youngstown, OH [Westside Bowl]

Appearing with The Godz

Friday, November 4 -- Canton, OH [Canton School of Fame]

Appearing with Nameless Faces

Friday, November 10 -- Songs for Sarah 2023*

*7th Annual Benefit Show, Hosted by Turtle Creek Tavern [Columbus, OH]

Benefitting the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation [UMDF]

Friday, December 1 -- Columbus, OH [Eldorado's]

Also Appearing: Feral Housecats

Saturday, December 9 -- Columbus, OH [Cock n' Bull]

Co-Hosting the Annual Rat Bastard Syndicate Holiday Show

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