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tOd Greer (Bass, Lead Vocals)

I got my start in the Columbus, Ohio music scene. Originally an aspiring guitarist (and not a very good one), it wasn’t until I took away two strings that I really found my calling.


Admittedly I was never one for practicing scales or attending lessons … I couldn’t wait to get started, and dove right in. While I will always consider myself a bassist first, no other voice ever seemed to sound right expressing my thoughts, so I became a vocalist as well.

The songs I write come from a very personal place, and somewhere in there, I hope they connect with others' experiences and emotions ... if you find yourself singing along, then I've done something right. 

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Mark Brennan (Percussion)

Mark has been performing and recording for more than 20 years with original acts, highly successful touring performers and recording projects.

Mark brings a wide percussive palette to tOd and the Bad Ideas, incorporating Cajon, congas, hand instruments, and straight-forward “rock” drums to provide a consistent, yet varied, foundation.

Jae Entsminger (Guitars, Vocals)

Jae Entsminger got his start at the wizened age of 15, two weeks after receiving his first guitar. From there, things got a bit more formal, and he's spent the last 30 years in more bands than he can remember [and allegedly some he doesn't], playing mostly original music with local and touring acts throughout the Midwest, and West Coast.

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