tOd Greer (Bass, Lead Vocals)

I got my start in the Columbus, Ohio music scene. Originally an aspiring guitarist (and not a very good one), it wasn’t until I took away two strings that I really found my calling.


Admittedly I was never one for practicing scales or attending lessons … I couldn’t wait to get started, and dove right in. While I will always consider myself a bassist first, no other voice ever seemed to sound right expressing my thoughts, so I became a vocalist as well.

The songs I write come from a very personal place, and somewhere in there, I hope they connect with others' experiences and emotions ... if you find yourself singing along, then I've done something right. 

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Keith Cousineau (Guitar, Vocals)


Keith is an influential and much-loved "Godfather" of the Columbus, Ohio punk and rock n' roll scene. Originally hailing from New Hampshire, cutting his teeth in clubs throughout New England as a frontman for Jonnee Zombie, and then as a guitarist and vocalist with Drastic Measures and Mars Attacks Everything.


Migrating to the midwest, he opened the now legendary Midgard Comics venue. Midgard would serve as the home for the Atomic Spiders, and launchpad for a fledgling punk scene to grow. Years after the doors closed, bands that got their start at Midgard still revere Keith for his talent, support, and guidance.

Nowadays, in his guise as Keith "Cretin", he fronts and plays bass for Joey74, a no-holds-barred, genuine punk rock trio in the spirit of his long-time inspirations, the Ramones. 

With tOd and the Bad Ideas, Keith gets to let his guitar playing take center stage, injecting rockabilly, punk, and classic blues tones into arrangements.

Check out Keith Cretin's Rock and Roll Splendor to follow his solo endeavors, including this internationally distributed zine of the same name.

Mark Brennan (Percussion)

Mark has been performing and recording for more than 20 years with original acts, highly successful touring performers and recording projects.

Citing influences as varied as Neil Peart, Tommy Aldridge, Dave Grohl, Phil Rudd, Alex Van Halen, Buddy Rich, Simon Phillips and Kenny Aronoff, Mark brings a wide percussive palette to tOd and the Bad Ideas, incorporating Cajon, congas, hand instruments and straight-forward “rock” drums to provide a consistent, yet varied, foundation.

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Jae Entsminger (Lead Guitar, Vocals)

Jae "Alley" Entsminger got his start at the wizened age of 15 (two weeks after receiving his first guitar) by joining a group of high school acquaintances in their existing punk/skate band. 


Given a cassette tape of songs to learn, and bereft of the ability to learn them, he wrote an entire set's worth of music and lyrics which the band quickly adopted. From there, things got a bit more formal, and he's spent the last 30 years in more bands than he can remember [and allegedly some he doesn't], playing mostly original music with local and touring acts throughout the Midwest, and West Coast.

He brings his own unique blend of guitar tomfoolery to the Bad Ideas, citing varied influences such as Steve Jones, Johnny Thunders, Leslie West and Shane Hunter, and can be seen abusing Gibson guitars at every Bad Ideas gathering.